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Triple Layer Filtration

1. Bio-Guard Layer
    Protects against viruses, germs, allergens, bacteria or fungi from entering the cabin of the vehicle. It also removes any of them that are already airborne in the vehicle before installation of the SAKURA Bio-Guard.
2. Carbon layer
    Removes unpleasant odours and reduces impact of harmful exhaust gases.
3. Protective Layer
    Eliminates microscopic particles and pollen.

Bio-Guard Protection

Stop Virus Growth
Sakura Bio-Guard Cabin Air Filter provides cutting edge protection by destroying germs and viruses that cause diseases.

Inhibit Bacteria and Mould Formation
Sakura Bio-Guard Cabin Air Filter is able to deactivate dangerous airborne bacteria and thus prevent further formation of mould.

Prevent Allergy
Sakura Bio-Guard Cabin Air Filter maintains clear air circulation and reduces the presence of allergens* causing hypersensitive reactions including asthma. This is because the filtration media provides exceptional absorptive properties and capacities. *up to 99%

< 2.5 Micron
Sakura Bio-Guard Cabin Air Filter holds and filters out dust particles up to 2.5 micron, or in S.I. unit  0.0025 mm.

Odour Barrier
Sakura Bio-Guard Cabin Air Filter product contains extra layer of carbon media that removes unpleasant and harmful odours*.
* such as Sulfur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides.

Sakura Bio-Guard Cabin Air Filter should be replaced every 15,000 km or in 1 year from the date of installation to ensure best performance. (The cabin air filter life expectancy depends on the environment in which the vehicle operates).

Bio-Guard Protection
Independent Testing Laboratory

Independent Testing Laboratory

Cabin Air Filter Test System (Particulate Filtration & Gas Absorption)

Testing Capabilities:

  • Dustholding
  • Particle penetration (0,4 um)
  • Gas absorption (Sox, Nox, H2, N2, N0, etc)